My husband was not going to go on our family vacation because he did not want to leave his "Lucy girl".  He wouldn't even leave her with a family member who offered to keep her. So, after we visited Royal Kennels and saw the treatment the dogs would be receiving in our absence, he had no qualms about leaving her, nor did my daughter, leaving her dog,Tucker.  They are brother and sister Golden Retrievers and they require a lot of exercise and attention. With both of them being as spoiled as they are, they won't eat their food without something "special" on it. Pam made sure they had their "special treat", that we provided, with all their meals. When we returned from our vacation they were happier than when we left. I would highly recommend Royal Kennels to anyone who is skeptical about leaving their pets for a day or a month.  Thanks Pam for all your TLC. Teresa & Gary White

We love Pam and Royal Kennels!! We have been going there for over ten years! Poor Jasmine, our beagle-mix rescue, had been quite traumatized by her previous boarding experiences. Whenever we would drop her off for a stay, she would be nervous and shaky, and her demeanor when we picked her up was not much better. Things are completely different for her... in fact, we quickly renamed it "Camp Pam". We even adopted a companion for her there- a Shiba-mix named Joe. Both dog have enjoyed all the visits with Pam and Dan (and Danielle too) We know they are treated like family and when we drop them off and pick them up, tails are wagging, and they are happy. They have been well cared for. The Watkins Family

We met Pam at an obedience class in Milord.  She was the trainer.  She did a great job helping our shy Jack Russell gain confidence and learn to respond to our commands. I could tell that she has a real passion for animals and she always treated them with respect.   When it was time to board Lucy for a week, we took her to Royal Kennels.  Their facilities are really nice and they don’t have a lot of the hidden costs other kennels have. Andrea B.

"Our family lives within 5 minutes of at least 3 boarding places; however, although it is 35 minutes away from us we will only send our dog, Abby, to Royal Kennels.  Having adopted her as a cruelty case tied to a tree and starved we were VERY apprehensive about boarding her at all and were very picky about where she went. Well, we never needed to worry!  Whenever we pull up to drop her off Abby gets so excited and RUNS into the place wagging good bye to us with her tail. She doesn't even look back.  When we return for her she is usually playing with a couple buddies and is clean as well as very tired!  Abby is usually asleep in our car within 2 minutes of picking her up.  We call going to Royal Kennels visiting "Aunt Pam's Camp" she loves staying there so much but can't say this around her because she understands it and thinks we are going 'now'.   It is also very price competitive....wouldn't think of taking her anywhere else.  "Thanks, Gina B.


Royal Kennels was recommended to me by a friend who is a real dog lover. Pam is so positive and always makes room for our two dogs. She even provides a service to pick up and deliver our dogs-this can be a huge help. The "boys" always come back happy, clean and groomed. Jan  P.

Our two standard poodles absolutely love going to Pam's camp! As soon as we pull into the Royal Kennel driveway they start getting all excited.We leave knowing that they are getting the best care available. It is very obvious that Pam adores animals. The kennel is clean and cool in summer and warm in winter. We highly recommend this "doggie hotel". :-)  C. Morris 

I make a 45 minute drive so I can take my girls to their "Auntie Pam's" for boarding.  I know she'll give them the love and attention they need while I'm away.  Unlike other kennels I've taken them to in the past, my girls and their things are always clean when I pick them up.  The value is outstanding for the space and attention they get.  Plus, since Pam is on site, I know if there is an emergency she'll be there to handle it.  On the breeding side, I couldn't expect more.  Pam's babies are healthy and well cared for, and have fun little personalities.  I love my Shiba!!
Megan Randall

For over seven years we have taken our Shiba Inus to Royal Kennels whenever we leave town because we know they will get loving care. The dogs are always excited to see Pam and seem happy to be left in her care. We also get them bathed and their nails clipped while they are there. We recommended Royal Kennels to our next door neighbor, and now she uses it exclusively for her dog. It's truly a great place to leave your pets and know they will be treated very well. And it's a great place to get a dog -- we got two of our three Shibas (they were rescue dogs) from Royal Kennels.  Brad S.