The Dukes/Keith Family

Proud family of (in order of adoption): Lucky, Trixie and Buddy, and Auggie

In  September of 2001 I lived in New York City and witnessed moment by moment the tragic events that took place. My husband, Kevin, was out of town on business and I decided that from that day on I needed a constant companion to keep me company while he traveled. We knew that we wanted a shiba based on what we had read in a Brian Kilcommons book, we just didn’t know when. Now the time had come. Knowing how many dogs needed homes, we began searching the internet for shiba rescue resources. I’m so glad that we found Pam’s site. My parents lived in Ohio and arranged to meet Lucky (aka Travis) at Royal Kennels. The rest is history, and the future…Lucky has been such a wonderful dog I decided we needed another and since my parents had to let go of Lucky, they needed one too! That’s where Trixie (for us) and Buddy (for them) came along-they were the next two. Then my parents saw how great it was to have two and they got Auggie. Now we all live in Maine as a happy shiba family. Thanks Pam!


 Vickie and Sandy, pictured standing where the last 2 to find homes, of the 13 dogs I rescued from an Amish puppy mill
in August of 2006, Sandy and Vickie where here for over a year waiting,  and thanks to Julie and family, for driving over 14 hours each way to give the "Sisters" the forever home they deserve.

Kathy has a wonderful new home, thanks Dave and Lisa
for driving 12 hours each way to give Kathy the home she deserves, laying on right.
Jody also is in a great new forever home, thanks Cox family, pictured
laying far left.

After looking around on the Internet, we found Royal Kennels.
Lo and behold there was a little Shiba up for rescue with the
name of Johnny!!!!!  He appeared
to be OK - housebroken and real laid back. 
He had a habit of running and hiding under the bed for hours if anything
spooked him.  Appeared as if he was teased by kids and that was his escape.
It took over a year for him to stop the hiding and accept his new home. 
Right now, two years after rescue, he is as close to a perfect dog as we
have ever had.  Very laid back, calm around kids and other dogs.
Only downside that we see is the bushel basket of hair that you have when
he decides to shed in the spring.  Being so sweet makes up for the hair AND
ignoring you BIG TIME!!!!!!
Bob Miller

Well its been 3 yrs. and Tod is still keeping us around.  I guess he still
likes our company and we must be doing an OK job as his wait staff, so I'm
confident that he won't be putting us up for adoption anytime soon.  The
kids on the other hand.....   Anyway, he integrated with the family and our
lifestyle very quickly and soon became our third child (my only boy). He is
even as bossy as my two girls.  Its funny how he fit right in, he doesn't
clean up his toys either and doesnt like vegetables. 
  It is just incredible
how much warmth and companionship he has brought to us.  I am thrilled that
we were able to give him a good home and I would never hesitate adopting
another Shiba from Royal Kennels.

My Fiancé, Jason and I were watching the dog show on TV one night when I
spotted the Shiba Inu. It wasn't very long before I found
Pam's website. Earl was the one. I knew it from his pictures. We were living
in Nebraska at the time and were getting ready for our wedding in South
Padre, TX . The weather was not
working in our favor however, it was too hot to ship. It soon became clear
we were going to have to drive to OH to get him. This was going to be
difficult considering we were getting ready to drive two days in the
opposite direction. . We drove 2 days to
South Padre, got married, were there about a week and then started our trek
up north. It took 3 days of non-stop driving but we made it.
Earl started out a little rough around the edges. Hel was a almost 8 years old and
 had lived his entire life in a  puppy mill.  had never been
potty trained, was scared by noises such as the TV, and really had
little human contact. He has shaped up to be the perfect member of our
family. He is very sweet, loves attention, loves to play but also loves to
be a lazy dog. He is a very spoiled "only child".

One of the pictures is of Benji on my bed--his favorite place!  He is soon to have a baby sister.  We have introduced him to other children and he has been so gentle.  He is just the best boy in the whole world we think!!  Thanks for following up with me.  Hope you are doing well.  I still can't thank you enough for Benji!  Have a great week, Jennifer

I got Scout from Pam when she came to a Pet Expo in Michigan.  From the start, he was a very confident shiba inu who is quite affectionate and comes up to you for pettings and belly rubs.  He is an unusual shiba in that he is trustworthy and has never doorbolted, stays in the yard (don't worry Pam, we have the invisible fence), comes when called (it may take a couple of times of calling), and loves to go for car rides.  He has even come on the plane with me as a service dog when we went to california for a shiba meetup.  He did very well laying at my feet and at the meetup, he was the biggest shiba inu we had there.  (19 and half inches and 42 lbs.)  Scout adores his little brother Max, a tibetan spaniel, and paws him to engage in friendly tussles.  We were very lucky to get such a wonderful shiba who embodies all the best traits and none of the drawbacks a shiba inu can have.