My gorgeous dog, Nellie! I get So many compliments on her. Her temperament is perfect, she gets along with all dogs and people, and has the perfect amount of energy.  Couldn't have asked for a better fit for me. M. Chase





Good afternoon Pam.  I hope all is well with you and the wonderful animals in your care.  I wanted to thank you for sending the attached pictures of "Wuzzy" when you replied to my e-mail.  Those pictures opened up my heart and let the love I feel for Sam to be shared by "Wuzzy."  I call him Kibou.  I know you don't like Japanese names, but after losing Sam I needed HOPE which translated in Japanese is Kibou.  He is amazing.  He is 99% potty trained.  He has had two wee bit accidents.  I take pictures of him everyday so I can see the changes as he grows.  I have attached a few of those pictures.  I am not sure if you will be able to see any change.  I created a category on the Shiba Holics board under "You ought to be in pictures."  I share pictures of Kibou with the holics every chance I can!  Pam, he is so beautiful in body and spirit.  You knew I would fall in love when you sent me his Glam Shots, didn't you?  I miss Sam and grieve for him; but I don't let my feelings for Sam overlap my feelings for Kibou.  Their differences are what help me to love them both equally.

Thank you for taking the time to take my parents and I on a tour of your property.  Thank you also for introducing us to your fur family.  It is apparent and obvious how much you care for each one of those dogs, cats, the beautiful foxes, the skunks and even the birds coming in for a quick feed.  I have met a lot of animal lovers.  I had never met anyone that not only loves the animals, but is so devoted too!  I really admire and respect you!

Thank you for bringing light back in my life.  I will send more pictures as Kibou gets older.Take care. Katie





Just wanted to thank you again for our little guy. I was hospitalized for a kidney stone this weekend and spent a lot of time cooped up in bed when I got home. Zim spent most of the time sleeping on the landing waiting for me and was just so thrilled to see me that it really made the whole thing a lot better. He simply has the best temperament and we couldn’t be more grateful to you for him. You have such amazing dogs, thank you for ours.



Jake is such a dear.  Everyone marvels at his temperament and ease with children.  He has a little bell by our back door and goes in and out all day as he pleases.  He plays with the cats all day and has a morning romp with a neighbor dog who comes by everyday with his owner.  He has a lot of land, trees, and bushes to roam around in.  I am biased, but I think he has a very happy dog life.  People always ask where I got him and comment on his temperament and how he doesn't have any of the negative Shiba traits that people may have heard of.  I just sing your praises.  So I will get that number to you.  Thanks again for giving us such a beautiful pet!  Karen


Hey Pam!Just wanted to give you an update on little Miyuki. Firstly, she is wonderful. She really has taken to me and my boyfriend and she feels quite integrated with our little household. I took her to the vet yesterday and she got a clean bill of health alongside a bunch of comments on how ADORABLE she is!Already she has come out of her shell and is super playful. She likes to trot around the house and explore (under my supervision). Her appetite is great and she drinks plenty of water. She loves her naps and her bully sticks. Boy is she a lap dog, though. She looooves to cuddle!! I know that will eventually wear off with age, but it's so nice right now to have something that loves to curl up in your lap and knock out!She hasn't had a single accident in the house. She'll let me know when she needs to go potty in addition to her set potty times (after meals, after naps). She runs around whining and looking at me like "Human! Take me outside!"I wanted to attach some pictures of her so you can see how she's doing.



I keep meaning to send you some pictures...  Gunny and Echo just graduated from their kindergarten classes, with top marks.  They are both so smart!!!!   Of course, Echo has the worst stubborn streak and the command "come" is merely a suggestion to her.  Gunny bounds over immediately.  LOL  Echo's fur is growing in dark on her back, just like her mama.  She is just a beautiful dog.  Gunny is my cute little bear, and everyone wants to hold the little bundle of fur.  He loves the attention.
They both love to play with any and all other animals.  Their best friend is the husky next door - Duke.  They sit on their sides of the fence and talk at night.  Duke taught them how to howl.  He comes over to play every now and then, and they have a great time chasing balls and running themselves ragged in the back yard.
Anyway, here are a few pictures from last week,Thanks again!!! Alex




Lion (Koichi) is doing great! I've been meaning to send you an update. He has changed quite a bit since he left your kennel thats for sure. We went in for his bi-annual checkup last week and he's 22lbs and his hair is totally grown out. He's so cute! I've attached some more recent pictures
Hope everything is going well,        
Robert Darwin



Hi Pam,
 this is Lisa Grmusa, we had gotten our Coco from you and thought I would send you some updated photos!  He was 2 years at the beginning of February.  I just LOVE this  little guy, we all do, but I am with him all day while the kids are at school, so him and I are tight!  I am so glad that we got him!  He has such a personality.




Just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed our new puppy.  She is more mild mannered than I though a Shiba would be. When I first read about Shibas I prepared myself for a very headstrong, challenging, and rambunctious dog. But Mylah has been quite easy so far, training has gone well and she is such a cuddle bug! She is so well socialized, she loves every person and dog she has met, even the vet.  She does not mind thunderstorms or the rain; she tries to drink up the puddles. Even giving her a bath was not that hard to do. Playing fetch is her favorite game, also running around in the yard and going for walks.   My husband and I are so happy with her; she is a joy to be around (most of the time) and has become a very loved member of our family. Thank you again for a great puppy!

For the last 25 years, I have owned Shih Tzus. They are the only breed I enjoy. They are easy to train, friendly clean and good tempered. We now own three form Pam and Royal Kennels. All of them were purchased sight-unseen and through conversation and photos with Pam. She took care of everything. All I had to do was go to the airport and begin to fall in love. Jack, our oldest, is now 5. He is healthy 12 lb tan and white boy the love of my life. Lucy is 4, a small 5 lb blak and white. She is our  princess, never far from out feet. The newest addition is Sally we have had her 2 weeks and she is the devil! She is red and white and now wants to rule the roost! She is only 12 weeks and has VERY few accicdents already! Her love knows no bounds.  I can not recommend Pam more, and I am sure we will be back for more! Pam stands behind all her dogs and will follow up with you for  years. Please feel free to ask Pam for my contact info if you have any questions. Steve Roath


Pam and Royal Kennels are the best!  We got our Penny from her and she is the sweetest/happiest dog in the world.  Every day is the best day ever in her eyes and I know she is that way because she came from an excellent breeder.  We board both our Shih Tzu’s with Pam and they love it.  The minute we pull into the drive both of their tails start wagging and they run right to Pam excitedly.  There are times when we pick them up that I think they would rather stay and play with all their friends than come home with us.  Our four year old Shih Tzu is a very high stress dog.  Before finding Royal Kennels anytime we travelled we had to take her to my parents in Cleveland, a four hour drive.  Now that we have found Royal Kennels we know we can leave her with Pam and she will have a great time.    I recommend Royal Kennels to everyone I know that has a dog.  Our furry kids just love it!  Thanks, Angela K.

Hey Pam, thought I'd share some pics of Luna, wow she is a snow dog-we let her out on lead and
could not get her to come back inside, she was running and jumping in the snow-digging in it- she has amazing energy. Sally found her christening dress, and straight away put it on Luna.

 Thought I would share these pictures with you.

We just love him, thanks for bringing him into our lives.

Jake is doing great! Such a lovely boy and fun new member of our family. He spends his days playing with the cats and tearing around. He has done well with the invisible fence. He sneaked out twice during the training periond, but has a collar with his anme and phone on it and no problems since. He is really good with the kids. Very nice temperment, and very Shiba with his "selective hearing" and "you can't catch me games". He is the dog I was hoping for Thanks, Pam!  Karen

Dear Pam, January 23 2011 brings around a birthday for my boy Tenshi. He will be turning 6 this year.  Tenshi's 2 year anniversary of his "gotcha day" will be approaching soon too so I wanted to write you a little note of thanks. I can't believe he is here with me almost 2 years already!  When I found Tenshi (formerly "Rage") on your website, I just knew I had to make the 12 hour trip from New York to come and meet him. I can't tell you how happy I did and how happy I am that you allowed me to bring him back to NY with me!  I just wish the predicted 40 degree day wouldn't have turned out so cold and windy!  I can still remember watching him run free in the fenced in area you brought him to for me to see him. He ran like the wind and gave you a run for your money in catching him too!  Your facilities are beautiful. Clean, well kept and I could easily see the love and care you have for all the animals you have there. When I am ready for my next "potato chip"  I certainly know who to call!!  Thank you Pam for all that you do and thank you for my Tenshi!!  I look forward to many more happy and loving years with the little guy I now call my little man. Hugs,Luann

Hi Pam, Just wanted to let you know Jake is doing great! He is 5 lbs and just a sweetie. He is very social and just loves everyone. When I take Jake for walks people stop and asked all about him. I have given the name of your kennel out several times. Just thought I would drop you a quick line. If someone calls and says they saw this adorable black and white dog it was Jake. Sincerely Diane Smith




We want to thanks you for our two wonderful family additions........
Zoe is the perfect little lady and can do no wrong..she is perfectly houseborken and a very quiet calm little lap dog... She will be two in Jan. and is exactly 5 lbs.
Beef is the tiny little guy with an EXPLOSIVE personality!!! Full of mischief, into everything, but a sweet little snuggle bug when you want him to be. He curls right up under Alexandra's neck at night. I might add that he is the easiest dog I have ever had to potty train (champion miniature poodles included!) as young as he is, he never misses and is so proud of himself! Beef is 5 months old and just under 4 lbs.....we adore him!
I have attached a recent picture of them....Thank you so much for such darling little doggies!!
Bill, Terri and Alexandra

Jake is doing great! Such a lovely boy and fun new member of our family. He spends his days playing with the cats and tearing around. He has done well with the invisible fence. He sneaked out twice during the training periond, but has a collar with his anme and phone on it and no problems since. He is really good with the kids. Very nice temperment, and very Shiba with his "selective hearing" and "you can't catch me games". He is the dog I was hoping for Thanks, Pam!  Karen

Hi Pam,
Thought I would let you know that DJ is doing real well.  He is neutered already, though I do not know how they found those little things.  He is a smart dog, though obstinate with the same personality as my husband, imagine that!
His coloration is black & silver now, which matches my Harley truck perfectly.  LOL  Dale Jr. is the hit of the neighborhood & received many Christmas presents.  He is a friend to every person & dog we meet, except for a Jack Russel, who does not like him & a Great Dane, who looks at him like a tasty snack.His 4 canines are in but the baby teeth did not fall out, so I have an appointment on Thursday to discuss options.  He is up-to-date on all of his shots & gets groomed regularly.  Matter of fact, the manager of the salon asked if she could be Dale's dedicated groomer.  She just loves him!Thanks so much for breeding a perfect puppy for me. Sharon Nowaczyk