How to tell what size your puppy will be as an adult?

Sometimes it is hard to tell just by the size of the parents
and pups do grow at different rates so it is most important
that you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder that is
familiar with their lines and growth rates and will
give you an HONEST estimate of the full grown size.
No breeder can tell for sure the size of an adult dog but
a good breeder should be able to give a good guess at 8 weeks old and should know a very close estimate at 12 weeks old.  It is hard to give a good estimate
much before 6 to 8 weeks of age.
The pictures, ages and weights of dogs bellow are
given just as a guide to puppy and adult sizes.
All the pictures on this page are of dogs from my breeding

Bellow are a  4 pictures of  different Shih Tzu all
pictured at 8 weeks old, all pictured with the same
coffee cup to compare sizes.

Tiny imperial girl
weighed 12 oz. at 8 weeks
4 1/2 lbs. full grown

Imperial, weighed
1  1/2 lb at 8 weeks
6 lb full grown

Tiny Type was 2  lb at 8 weeks
8 lb full grown

Standard, was 3 1/2 lb at 8 week
12 lb full grown

The pictures bellow are of pups that are 12 weeks old

tiny imperial was only 1 1/4 lb at 12 week
is 3 1/4 lb full grown

Imperial male was 12 weeks and  2  lb in picture
6 lb full grown

Tiny type male was 3 1/2 lb at 12 week
and  8 lb full grown.

pictured at 12 weeks
weighing 5 lb. is 13 lb full grown

Please be aware of breeders who lie about age, changing
birth records and papers. To make puppies seem small for age.
Some breeders have even been known to withhold food and water to make pups appear smaller.